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Refco Management Co. Inc., was incorporated in 1989. Owned and operated by Evelyn A. DeGuzman, me! Originally myself and my former husband had our own construction company, and in the business of converting buildings into Coops for the Sponsor of many Coop Properties in New York City. In 1987 I was hired by the a Sponsor to do the outside management for their properties. After a year and a half, the Sponsor gave the total management business to me. Since that time, I have proceeded to add more clients to my business. I manage rent controlled units, rent stabilized units, Condo’s & Coops, and commercial space. The contracting business has been taken over by my oldest son Ray, who remains living in Brooklyn, while I reside in beautiful Sullivan County. My son Frank, is going to school to get his Real Estate license, and join Refco. Richard my youngest son is growing his own Landscaping Business here in Sullivan County.

               At present we are in the process of converting two separate properties into Cooperative Corporations. One on the lower east side, and the other on the West Side, in the meat district.

                In 1989 I was hired to be the General Contractor on a 40 unit occupied coop building. We rebuilt the building with new plumbing, electric, boiler,
front and rear brick work, new roof installed, and renovation of the hallway. It was a successful project, which I still manage.

               Many of the vendors on the contractor list have worked with me for over 20 years, first with the contracting business and then with management. Loyalty is very strong among us; we have been down many roads together.

                I take pride in my business, and my properties. Service is my business and that is what you will find here. We help in every aspect of your life in the building, from the repairs, to the super, to selling and renting. We help with refinancing, with try to help with noisy neighbors, and any issue that might come up while you are occupying these premises. We walk you through everything that you need to have done!


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